Our church community gathers weekly on Sundays at 10am to worship God because of his grace in the gospel. We come to sing, pray, study the Bible, celebrate the Lord’s Supper, and to simply be together.  We meet at the Ambrose School on Chinden and Locust Grove. Though not affiliated with the school, they rent their facility to us which provides a great location, easy access, and parking. Park anywhere in the lot and follow the signs for the south entry on Locust Grove.

What to Expect

As you walk in, greeters hand everyone a bulletin with that week’s songs, Scriptures, and prayers. We walk you through each component of the worship service so no one feels like an outsider. The worship includes historic forms with modern melodies and common language. We usually wrap up around 11:20am and linger afterwards to visit and catch up. You should always feel free to participate in worship or just sit and observe.


Our community worship is a mix of all ages. For children younger than five, we have a safe and secure nursery staffed with certified workers where kids have a range of age-appropriate toys and craft stations to play with. We use a Kid Check program for security. There is also a video feed of the worship live-streamed to the Conference Room at the end of the hallway for anyone who needs to step out of the service.

Come as you are

It can be intimidating just walking through the doors into a new social environment. We appreciate your willingness to try something new. We do not have a dress code–come as you are. Our members wear a mix of everything from a suit to a t-shirt and jeans–wear what you feel comfortable in.